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Breathing and Living

I have found one of the most effective tools for anyone wanting to take more control of their lives to be that of really slowing down and coming into their breath. Learning to take time with themselves and to breathe; to let the body do what it does best......come home to itself; take time to embody itself; to understand itself fully. To understand that there really is no rush, there is no time really except now.

In my sessions we talk about this a little, (or a lot...!) ....if you would like. It’s really helpful to take time every day to do some simple breathing. I’m including here a simple 5 minute meditation first introduced to me by Thich Nhat Hanh....and one that I have seen transform the lives of many people. You can call it meditation or you can call it just taking time to breathe: it doesn’t matter. It just helps.


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