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Life and Mindset Coaching & Coaching Programmes

Life and Mindset Coaching
Individual sessions

My approach to coaching has evolved over 30 years of working with people in therapy. Combining my experience and training in deep process and my studies and experience of the new breakthroughs in neuroscience, which show how we create both our internal and external worlds with our thoughts and actions. By changing the way we think we can change our lives.

It is truly possible to reinvent the person we believe we have become. Sometimes the very things we see as weaknesses can reveal themselves as strengths as we learn to trust our inner wisdom. When we look at the world in a different way, the world around us changes. 


During coaching, I use Mindfulness as an important tool to help towards self-awareness. I focus on the here and now, looking at your strengths and how you can use them to move yourself forward. We work together, looking at how it is that you organise yourself in the world. In my position as coach I point out areas of weakness and old habits that are no longer serving you; I show you how to change those unhelpful behaviours into a template for change. I  nurture that dormant creative spirit inherent in us all, encouraging you and standing behind you as you take that leap that feels so risky; challenging you as you hesitate; holding your hand as you jump.


Employing me as a coach means that you are ready to explore, grow, develop, and perhaps have fun along the way! A one off session may help you to focus on a specific area in your life; for more in depth coaching I advise looking at signing up for one of my longer term offers on my Coaching Programmes.


Sessions are Online; or face to face in Exeter; 1 hour - £95 ​

Coaching Programmes

With mindfulness. compassion and warrior spirit; Committing yourself to a period of self growth means that your brain and your inner self is geared up for the journey; it is an investment in yourself and your your future.


It enables you to fully focus on yourself while having access to me outside the sessions to check in if need be. If you are not sure if Coaching is right for you, then please get in touch and we can arrange to meet for an informal chat. If you feel Coaching the way forward then please see below for what's involved.


You can book a course of 3 months, 6 months or a year, and our sessions can move flexibly if need be over that time. We have 3, hour long sessions a month and you have access to me over messenger at any time over the 5 day week; check in with your day, ask for help or simply keep me in touch with what's going on.

Sessions are Online:

3 Month Programme: £1000

6 Month Programme: £1,800

1 Year Programme: £3,500

What's Involved

I had my first two or three sessions with Mo before the pandemic, and after a break returned for several months telephone sessions. I found the the work very helpful, and importantly long-lasting. I learned a
lot about myself and freed many long-held and stuck emotions during this
often intense period of self-discovery. 

Thank you, Mo for your compassion and reliable support.


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