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I have spent the last 30 years on a voyage of self discovery.

During that time I spent my time working as a psychotherapist, walking alongside people as they explored their inner worlds and ‘healed’ , or transformed, as I prefer to speak of it, some inner struggles.

More and more I could see how turning the tide of the struggle away from the difficulty, more towards the possibilities, was so much more helpful for so many people. I found more and more the work I was doing with people was coaching; looking towards self belief and believing in possibilities which soon became realities. So many times I would see how people were locked in a battle with a damaging past, trying to overcome it by visiting it again and again and rekindling old tendencies and feelings which no longer served.

With recent discoveries in Brain Science, it has been seen how easy it is to simply turn in a different direction and let go of those tendencies that are holding us back. When we revisit and revisit we reignite old pathways in the brain that show us how 'damaged we are'; we remind the brain of a path we once took; its always easier to take a worn path, and the brain will take it if not directed otherwise. What if we were to leave these pathways to dwindle into nothingness by not using them. What if we were to forge new pathways that showed us how great we really are.

Its possible. Sometimes we need to revisit those old places and recognise where they have taken us in order to then turn in the other direction; to perhaps see and understand what our bodies are telling us; to find where all along we were being shown how to get to where we want to be.

I have many years’ experience of working as a psychotherapist and more latterly as a coach. My teachers and influences include Dr Arnie Mindell (Process Oriented Psychology), Ron Kurtz (Hakomi) Dr Joe Dispenza, Abraham Hicks, Thich Nhat Hanh, Eckhart Tolle.....and many more. I am so grateful for their presence and influence in my life.  I have a long term practice of meditation and mindfulness which is invaluable in learning the skill of really appreciating the moment, in learning to value ourselves and our lives as they are NOW.  I have a skill in holding your process, and I have deep understanding of where this may lead you. I can spot the places you are holding; often out of habit; sometimes because it’s the only way you know how.  I help to move you forward into a new possibility of a new and brighter future. It takes training ourselves into a different way; training the brain; it can be revelatory; it can be fun.



Before working with Mo I was experiencing a lot of anxiety. Mo has helped me release that anxiety, develop new perspectives, shift my mindset and I now feel I love and can rely on myself more.  Mo is deeply empathetic and intuitive and makes you feel very supported, I couldn’t recommend her highly enough.


Mo was just the person I needed. She is calm,wise and life affirming. I always felt recharged after talking with her. Mo guided me in my journey to forgive myself and to actually rather like myself again! Would totally recommend Mo for anyone who needs clarity,kindness and compassion...I think that's all of us! Thank you Mo


"I first went to see Mo, I thought,  because I was really struggling to manage a number of acute issues  in my life in relation to my close family & a stressful job. I also really wanted to stop having night terrors as I had experienced these constantly from a very early age. 
Mo was a constant, reassuring,  compassionate & holding presence which I needed more than I had realised. 
Mo gently & skillfully guided me to explore trauma from my childhood & adolescence that I had not processed, nor had I spoken to anyone about. This was the real reason why I needed to see Mo.  
Mo was able to hold me through sadness,  righteous anger & to a greater peace as our time together came to end. I don't have night terrors anymore & I have found my voice. Mo really was my warrior guide & I will never forget her".


“A lot of what I brought to therapy was around dealing with the traumatic death of a loved one, and the thoughts and emotions that ensued some years later. Working with Mo allowed me to connect with aspects within me that were either suppressed or previously unknown. At times it was challenging, visceral, raw and painful but always enriching, enlightening and transformative. I would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Mo as she is an excellent therapist and is someone that truly has the gift to support others who tread difficult paths.”


"I had my first two or three sessions with Mo before the pandemic, and
after a break returned for several months telephone sessions. I found
the the work very helpful, and importantly long-lasting. I learned a
lot about myself and freed many long-held and stuck emotions during this
often intense period of self-discovery. Thank you, Mo for your
compassion and reliable support." 


I started working with Mo as I was really wanting to make some major changes in my life. I can honestly say I have made those changes; and so much more than that. I discovered so much about myself and I learned how to take control of my life in a unique way.
Mo is a calm, thoughtful, holding and wise presence. I am so grateful; and grateful for the laughter too.


Before I started working with Mo I had a lack of direction in my life and a feeling that I needed to find a spark within me.  
I feel like a different person; I have a new job that I love and I also feel that I have the skills to move forward in my life and relationships. I feel like I’ve found myself.
Mo guided me with a gentle wisdom and also with humour at times. I can’t recommend her highly enough

Lucas B.




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